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2024-2025 school year brings new classes

Emerson Buck
Student signing up for their 2024-2025 classes on Powerschool’s Scheduler.

Many new classes are going to be introduced for the upcoming 2024-2025 school year. These new classes will include AP Human Geography, AP Research, Zoology, Dance 3 and Forensic Science.

Homewood High School offers numerous classes covering many fields of study.

“This is my 14th year at Homewood, we have never had this much variety or classes students can pick from,” said Elaine Meeks, HHS 10th and 11th-grade academic counselor. 

For students interested in taking a rigorous course load and enrolling in numerous classes, summer school and Access classes are available. 

Counselors have met with students to go over transcripts and course selection. Meeks takes a deep dive into student’s requirements and interests. 

“We look at two years and beyond, because what classes taken now affect future years,” Meeks said. “I like to ask students what they are interested in, try and find a balance, and check for credits when helping students choose classes.”

Students are encouraged to make course decisions based on their interests and future life plans and goals. 

Changes can be made up until the last day of school, May 24. Contact your counselor with any course selection change requests. 

AP Seminar & Research 

Homewood is implementing an additional two AP classes for next school year. AP Research will be a class for rising seniors who took AP Seminar this year. 

The 2023-2024 school year was the first time AP Seminar has been offered to students at HHS. The class has been very popular, especially for juniors.

Chad Cooley is in charge of teaching both of these classes. Students who complete both AP Research and AP Seminar will receive the AP Seminar and Research Certificate.

Students in AP Research will design and conduct a year-long project on a chosen topic. They will also produce an academic thesis paper and some form of a presentation.

AP Seminar and AP Research students also have the opportunity to receive the AP Capstone Diploma if they receive a 3 or higher on both the AP Research and Seminar exams and four additional exams. 

AP Human Geography

For students who are interested in a hands-on class and want to learn more about Earth’s surface, AP Human Geography is for them. 

The class will take a deep dive into learning about spatial organization, human impacts and interactions with their environment and societal changes. Analyzing visual sources like maps, charts, infographics and images is a major part of this class.

The teacher for AP Human Geography has not yet been announced. 


Zoology is also a new addition this year and is a project-based science elective taught by Lillian Walker.

The elective class will focus on learning about the animal kingdom according to evolutionary relationships from ancient to modern animals. 

“Zoology isn’t just about dissecting frogs or memorizing animal classifications, it’s about understanding our place in the intricate web of life on Earth,” Walker said.  

The first quarter of the class will focus on invertebrates and the second quarter will focus on vertebrates. 

There will be a lot of “field work” involved in this class says Walker. The class will take field trips to the Birmingham Zoo and Shark Tooth Creek. Guest speakers from local universities specializing in animal behavior, conservation and ecology will also come talk to the class. 

“These experts will enrich our understanding with their knowledge and insights and provide valuable perspectives on the importance of preserving our natural world,” Walker said.

The class will consist of hands-on animal interactions and fieldwork to observe animal behavior. Enriching discussions on important environmental issues will also be a major part of the class.

The zoology class will be more laid back than a typical science class. “That type of atmosphere fosters learning in a very different way,” Walker said. 

Walker said she is genuinely thrilled to teach this new course. 

AP Computer Science Principles & A

The AP Computer Science classes have grown popular over the last few years and continue to attract interest. AP Computer Science Principles and AP Computer Science A are both offered at Homewood High School.

These classes can be taken as a math, science or career tech elective. AP Computer Science Principles is the introduction class whereas AP Computer Science A is more advanced. 

Fred Major teaches both AP Computer Science Principles and AP Computer Science A. Beth Matthews also teaches AP Computer Science Principles.

Forensic Science

Forensic science is another science class being added next year. Students will learn how to apply chemistry, physics and biology to a criminal investigation.

The class has two parts: forensic science and crime scene investigation. The forensic science portion will focus on working as a forensic scientist. During the crime scene investigation portion of teh class, students will apply the scientific method to a crime scene.

Dance 3

Dance 1 and 2 have been popular classes for the past few years. Next year, Dance 3 will also be added. This class is for students who are skilled in dancing and are looking to better their skills. 

To take this class, a prerequisite of Dance 1 and 2 or outside experience is required. Jennifer Ayers teaches all three dance classes. 

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