Homewood prepares for prom


Decorations from 2022 Prom from the Homewood Student Life Instagram.

Josie Robertson and David Young

As students begin to make summer plans and homework becomes optional, a night to remember is just around the corner.  

Hosted by SGA, the theme of this year’s prom is “An Enchanted Evening,” featuring a plethora of fanciful decorations with food and drinks. SGA representatives and executives plan, set up and take down the event; Executive President Mary Siena McBride expresses her anticipation for the night.

“I think it’s going to be a lot better than last year,“ McBride said. “Not in our four years we’ve been in high school have they ever had a live band.” 

SGA sponsor and AP English teacher Michelle Cooley explains that this is only one of a few new introductions to prom.

“We will have a cheesecake bar and dessert shooters,” Cooley said. 

She adds that entertainment for the night will feature the Matthew Carroll Band, a highly experienced group of artists who specialize in covering other bands. Current seniors who will attend prom had a few things to say about their excitement for the experience.

“[DJ Sillz’] absence is heartbreaking; however, I’m excited for the new opportunity,” senior Nathan Jones said. 

Senior and SGA representative Henry Allen said, “Like Michael Jordan’s last dance, it’ll be one to remember. It’s the executives who planned it, but I think who we voted for will do a good job.” 

The 2023 Senior Prom is Saturday, April 15 from 7 pm to 10 pm. Like last year, prom will be held at Rosewood Hall in the SoHo district of Homewood.

The venue for Homewood’s 2023 prom, Rosewood Hall.

Tickets can be purchased for $30 on the GoFan website. If you need a guest form, you can pick one up in Mrs. Cooley’s room in the English Pod. Forms are due April 14. 

Extra 2023 Prom t-shirts can be purchased at the dance.